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Frequently asked questions

Usually you need at least one year in your specialty before applying for an assignment. However some facilities may require two or more years. Your recruiter will provide you with detailed information about assignment requirements. 

You need at least one year of experience, a valid RN license, and BLS. Some facilities or specialties may require additional certifications, experience, and licenses. Your recruiter will provide you with detailed information about assignment requirements. 

You can apply whenever you like. Although some assignments have a specific start date, some start dates vary and can be flexible.

Typically assignments last 13 weeks, however, some may last only two weeks. In some cases, a facility may offer an extension of an assignment with an increase in pay. 

IMBA Health can help you with a license for a particular state by guiding you through the process and even reimbursing the processing fee.

Absolutely! We find that many nurses opt to travel with pets. There are plenty of housing options that are pet-friendly. IMBA Health can always help you find the right housing.

Of course, we encourage you to do so. Traveling with friends is always more fun. IMBAHealth can help you find housing or you can do it yourself.

Usually, the first day of an assignment is spent with HR (getting the badge, access to the charting system, getting to know the facility policies and rules, etc.). On the second day, you will receive some form of orientation from your assigned unit. The total number of days spent in orientation depends on your comfortability and the facility. 

If something goes wrong, whether your flight is delayed, the car breaks down, you cannot find housing, or the assignment doesn’t look like what you have been expecting, please contact your recruiter ASAP and we will help you find the solution. Things happen. Life is life. No worries.

We offer medical and dental insurance, and you have the option to take ours or you can opt to purchase your own.

Each assignment is unique and has specific requirements. Whether you are a night owl or a day owl we can find an assignment that is right for you. You are in control.

Typically, after you begin an assignment you will be paid once a week on Friday with your first paycheck at the end of the second week. For example, if you started working on a Monday the 1st of June, you can expect to get paid on Friday the 12th of June and then every other Friday after that for the duration of the contract.

As a travel nurse, you are your own boss! You can take as many contracts as you like or take off as much time as you need.

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